21 November 2016

Now I'm Angry

Enough with being depressed. Yes, Hillary Clinton won approximately two million more votes than Donald Trump, but the Electoral College means the candidate who actually lost the popular vote will become President of the United states.

The Trump campaign made noises before the election about how they would be sympathetic to LGBT people, but developments since the election reveal that was a sham. Many of us knew this before November 8 and were not fooled.

The Attorney General nominee is proof positive of this. Jeff Sessions has a long history and a deplorable record as a racist and homophobe. The New York Times published an excellent editorial (link here) about how his nomination is an insult to justice.

The non-partisan website On the Issues has a comprehensive overview of Sessions' record (link here), and you can quickly see he's been stridently anti-LGBT. The progressive website Think Progress also recently published a quick overview (link here) of his political and social positions.

Understandably, the LGBT media has spoken out loudly about Sessions' nomination. Some of the better coverage includes Queerty (link here), LGBTQ Nation (link here), Pink News (link here), and Towle Road (link here). Google News links to many more current articles on this topic.

Trump has said in so many words that same-sex marriage is settled law, but he's already filling out his administration with people stridently opposed to LGBT rights and marriage equality. In the next four years (and hopefully no more), he will nominate justices and judges who would dearly love to void same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Republicans are now close to having control of enough state legislatures to pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Many rights will come under assault by the Trump administration in addition to LGBT rights. We must be ready to speak out and do everything we lawfully can to prevent that from happening. I don't intend to turn this into a political blog, but I will be speaking out more on these issues in the future by directing readers to important online resources.

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  1. Anonymous16:53

    Unfortunately the Nazi party is alive and well and living in the USA!!

  2. Anonymous03:29

    Un buen calmante para la depresiĆ³n.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous20:35

    Please do continue to speak out on these issues. It's important and necessary. The links that you have provided are greatly appreciated! We must remain informed. We can't bury our heads in the sand...too much is at stake. Thank you!


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