22 November 2016

Dangerous Friends

While Donald Trump has made some gestures that might suggest he was sympathetic to LGBT rights -- like holding a rainbow flag upside down at a rally after it was handed to him by someone in the crowd -- his embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin underscore how he actually has little concern for LGBT people around the world.

Putin is openly hostile to LGBT men and women in and outside his country and has endorsed laws that persecute LGBT people. While not always an exhaustive source, Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive overview (link here) about anti-LGBT measures inside Russia.

Indeed, Putin's anti-LGBT measures have helped buttress support for him from American conservatives, as documented by Right Wing Watch (link here), Many of  those same LGBT-hating people also supported Trump's campaign.

Putin's harsh anti-LGBT tactics have drawn condemnation from many human rights and civil rights organizations throughout the world. Some of those arguments are documented in excellent editorials from The New York Times (link here), The Independent (link here), and CNN (link here). Many more articles of this nature can be found online.

Donald Trump wants to forge a close relationship between the United States and Putin in Russia. The fact that he so willingly wishes to embrace an autocrat who persecutes LBGT people amply demonstrates that the incoming American President has little regard for equality.

President Obama has always held Russia at arm's length because of their atrocious record on human rights and LGBT rights. The fact that his successor will so openly embrace a hostile and dictatorial foreign power that persecutes its citizens is deeply, deeply troubling.

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  1. Anonymous20:44

    Thanks again for speaking out about what's going on. I hope you will continue to do so. It is greatly appreciated!

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