30 November 2016

International Shame

The Washington Post published an article yesterday by human rights activist Dr. Samar Habib (link here) about how the United States will likely go from being the beacon of hope on LGBT rights to a beacon of hate, providing de facto encouragement to countries suppressing LGBT people, thanks to Donald Trump's election and that of his stridently anti-LGBT Vice President. As Dr. Habib writes, "in many countries, this could seriously harm those whose gender identity and sexual orientation vary from the mainstream."

In essence, America will go from what we are now on LGBT rights to a position much like that of hateful autocrat Vladimir Putin. This is sickening. Our international reputation on human rights will go from the generally positive, as it is now under Barack Obama, to something much worse than it was under George W. Bush, when debacles like the Iraq War and Abu Ghraib led to widespread international condemnation.

I've mentioned before that my boyfriend is from a country where LGBT people are persecuted, a stance that was condemned by the United States under President Obama. Now, a nation with a strident anti-LGBT reputation will likely be encouraged by the United States. I fear for his LGBT friends who were not able to flee his country like he was able to do.

Seguing away from that dark note, our film for today features a lad so horny he hangs out his window and offers his mouth and ass to anyone who happens to wander by. He has plenty of takers, including one bloke who stops by again for sloppy seconds.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep and enjoy anytime, you should click here.


  1. Anonymous05:00

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  2. I know the fight must go on, but can you handle the stress of fighting every day? I support you completely and hope you get at least a days rest. I admire you more because you could have just said I don't need this , and why do I care more than native born American gays. I salute and am commenting on what I think you said about being British born and naturalized?


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