01 December 2016

Cabinet of Horrors

News reports rolling in every day bring word of Donald Trump's latest senior administrative picks, and they're almost without exception deplorable people, and some of them are openly hostile to LGBT people.

Out magazine reported earlier in the week (link here) about his choice for deputy national security is a Fox News commentator who outed her own brother when he was dying of AIDS.

Yesterday, Pink News reported on Trump's likely pick for Secretary of Homeland Security (link here), a man who called the Orlando massacre a "distraction" and mocked the “freakish lifestyle” of transgender people and claimed they have mental disorders.

Trump's pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Congressman Thomas Price, co-sponsored the so-called "First Amendment Defense Act," which would legalize discrimination against LGBT people. Trump has already promised to sign this when passed by Congress in 2017.

And, as I've already written here, Trump's Vice President, Attorney General nominee, and Secretary of Education nominee all oppose LGBT rights. But there's more -- Instinct Magazine reported yesterday (link here) that every single Trump appointee so far announced opposes LGBT rights.

Yet Trump supporters still insist the incoming President will support LGBT rights. Pardon my French, but I smell bullshit.

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