07 December 2016

The Usual Suspects

Donald Trump continues to roll out his cabinet nominees with each passing day, and every last one of them has been a hardcore conservative who is brazenly anti-LGBT. The Advocate published an excellent article on Monday (link here) under the headline "No LGBT Ally Would Appoint This Cabinet."

Of the eight cabinet hopefuls named so far, every last one of them is hostile to LGBT rights. Of the four senior-most administrative appointees and nominees, once again they're all anti-LGBT.

All of the cabinet nominees and some of the senior administrative picks must be confirmed by the Senate. (Everyone on The Advocate's list of twelve linked above must be approved by the Senate, with the exception of Reince Priebus and Michael Flynn.)

This is where you and I can make a difference. We can call, email, snailmail, fax, and tweet our opposition to these cabinet picks. When contacting Democratic senators, you can directly address how each nominee is hostile to LGBT rights. When contacting GOP senators, unless you know the elected representative is pro-LGBT, you'd arguably be more effective in stressing why the nominee is a poor choice for other reasons.

The Senate's webpage (link here) is arguably the best way to find contact information for your elected representatives. Note that the 115th Congress will be seated on January 3, 2017, more than two weeks before the presidential inauguration and will immediately begin considering the incoming President's nominees, so it's not too early to start contacting your senators right now.

Note that seven currently sitting senators will not be returning for the 115th Congress. Six of the seven replacements have already been elected, so if your state has one of those new senators, you should contact him or her instead of the current senator. Wikipedia has published a list of incoming senators (link here).

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