12 December 2016

Fighting Hate

It's no secret incoming Vice-President Michael Pence is a raging, hateful homophobe. LGBTQ Nation ran an excellent article in July titled "Mike Pence’s Top Seven Most Homophobic Moments (Out of Many)" (link here). That piece succinctly details why he's an odious slug.

People are lawfully retaliating against his homophobia in a variety of creative ways. Neighbors near his temporary Washington residence are flying rainbow flags (link here) and displaying rainbow holiday lights (link here).

A gay New York City man -- who bears a strong resemblance to Pence -- is using his doppelgänger status to raise money for LGBTQ causes (link here). From the waist up he wears a conservative blazer, shirt, and tie, while from the waist down he wears very snug short shorts to show of his muscular legs, even on cold New York days.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that the gay Pence knockoff is very hot looking while the original version looks like a creepy child molester.

It's good to see that people are doing things like this and I hope they continue. It's an excellent way to draw attention to Pence's hateful, reactionary positions.

Speaking of hot men, featured today is Ennio aka Libor aka a hundred other names. He's appeared in gay, straight, and bi porn, usually as a top but occasionally as a bottom. He's from Prague, stands 5'11, and weighs 185 pounds.

He's a kinky lad in this series. He fondles his big uncut cock, plays with a speculum, pees twice in a pitcher, cums on a plate and eats it, then pours his warm piss all over himself in the shower.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than five hundred in number. To download this complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

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  1. Anonymous05:35

    Pequeñas cosas hacen grandes victorias.Ennio es un fuera de serie.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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