21 December 2016

The Shaft

The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump has shafted some of the most important people who supported him during the darkest hours of his campaign: Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Huckabee, amongst others. He needed them then, but he doesn't need them now, so out they go.

The piece also details how Trump has jettisoned all sorts of promises he made during his campaign that he now all but admits were just attempts to pander to voters.

The bottom line: if he doesn't need you now that he's been elected, you get the shaft.

So remind us again why we should trust his vague assurances to the LGBT community made during the campaign, given he has now turned his back on so many people and promises that helped him? Remind us again why we should still trust him on LGBT issues when he has appointed so many hatefully anti-LGBT people to his new administration?

Trump has a very, very long history of playing people, scamming people, using people, and then discarding them when he no longer needs them. This is something he's done all of his career.

For instance, he shafted the illegal aliens who worked on Trump Tower (link here). When he didn't need them any more, they ended up fired and unpaid -- and then Trump tried to have them deported.

But LGBT folks should trust him because he held a rainbow flag upside down for a few seconds?

In fact, the opposite is true, as the linked articles establish -- we should assume Trump is lying unless he conclusively proves otherwise.

Let's move on to something pleasant -- porn! Featured today is a scorching hot flip-fuck scene with Sergeant Miles, the big musclestud whose pictures were posted yesterday, paired with smooth uncut Aussie stud Michael Lachlan. If you don't have a raging hard-on after watching this smoldering scene, you might possibly be in a coma.

If you'd rather watch this video on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep permanently, be sure to click here.

As a reminder, Sergeant Miles appeared in another hot flip-fuck video featured here on the blog in July, which is still live. Click here for that link.

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