29 December 2016

The Coming Showdown

The Atlantic magazine is part of my regular reading because they reliably publish thoughtful, well reasoned articles on a wide variety of topics. I thought a piece they published yesterday (link here), with the title "The Religious Liberty Showdowns Coming in 2017," is well worth reading.

The piece focuses on more than just LGBT issues and touches on topics of concern to progressives. In short, it highlights what likely will be one of the primary public debates during the early part of Donald Trump's administration. As the article describes it, "Every issue will come saddled with this fundamental conflict: Some groups’ claims to religious liberty may necessarily involve curtailing the rights of others."

In shorthand, this is the fundamental rhetorical question -- does someone else's religion give them the right to discriminate against us?

Every LGBT person in America needs to ask that question. Hopefully, an overwhelming majority will answer "no."

Unfortunately, Trump and those in the highest levels of his administration apparently believe the answer is "yes."

And therein lies the great conflict ahead of us. That is why I have been vigilantly speaking out against Trump in this blog since the election. This is more than about left versus right, Republican versus Democrat.

This is about allowing the incoming President to undermine a core tenant of American democracy and equality. This is about trashing every civil right gain in the last sixty-five years. This is about turning American into an anti-LGBT theocracy.

That is why I am so alarmed and why I am not alone in that fear.

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  1. Anonymous06:24

    I'm an Atlantic subscriber, too, but haven't received the latest issue yet. Thanks for the 'Heads up."

  2. Carlos18:30

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I've clicked on your blog for as long as I can remember (for the hunks, of course). But that I appreciate the political stuff you occasionally throw in, too. Especially during this election year, your posts have made me research issues and do some real thinking in a way I've never really done before since I consider myself pretty apolitical. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks!

  3. Anonymous04:05

    Hey! Thx for your ongoing effort to make us, your dear followers, read as well as wank. Much appreciate your views. May I humbly suggest you link to your journalistic sources and try to publish shorter stories on these unsettling times. Chapeau and thx from Chile

  4. Anonymous04:44

    La preocupaciĆ³n es mundial.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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