13 December 2016

The Taint

Once again, Paul Krugman has an excellent column in The New York Times (link here), this one called "The Tainted Election." He succinctly details why the recent election was not "stolen" but nonetheless is tainted.

He then points out that, if Donald Trump were an honorable man, he would "act as a healer, to conduct himself in a way that respects the majority of Americans who voted against him and the fragility of his Electoral College victory."

That, of course, will almost certainly not happen, as Krugman duly notes. Such was the great moral failure of George W. Bush. He lost the popular vote in 2000 and barely won the Electoral College yet acted like he had a sweeping landslide mandate. The Republican majorities in Congress went along with that farce and the shameful result was the Iraq War fought over nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

Based on everything he has said to date, Trump appears ready to repeat that foolish mistake and Republicans on Capitol Hill may go along for the ride.

This is where we, in the opposition, need to speak up loudly and regularly. Trump does not have the will of the majority behind him. The people spoke, and millions more chose his opponent -- based on the most recent figures, it appears Trump will have lost the popular vote by at least three million.

So when he and people in his administration try to undo civil rights, women's rights, LGBT rights, human rights, and much more, he's not acting for the will of the people. He's acting in accordance with his selfish interests or those of his special interest backers. The majority of Americans did not vote for his plan.

Republicans have spent the last eight years trying to delegitimize Barack Obama's presidency. I think it's time they had a large and unpleasant dose of their own medicine. Some might say doing so is petty, or will trap the country in gridlock, but this was not a legitimate election and better to freeze progress than to reverse it by eroding our human rights.

In sum, everything lawful must be done to stop any attempt by Trump to destroy our civil rights and American principles.

It was heartening to see moderate Republicans join Democrats in Congress over the weekend to demand an investigation into Russia's unlawful attempts to throw the election to Trump. That early broadside suggests some Republicans can break ranks and not be the rubber stamp he demands that they be.

Now let's move on to our hot lad of the day. Sam looks young in the face, barely out of high school, but that magnificent body is built for sin. Just look at his spectacular ass, one of the finest ever featured on this blog. You could crack walnuts with those firm, muscular buttocks.

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  1. Anonymous08:54

    Re: George W. Bush's presidency: A columnist in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday characterized it this way: "I just have to squeeze my eyes tight shut, clap my hands over my ears, and chant la-la-la over and over again loudly until the memory disappears." I strongly suspect we'll be doing that in the future after Trump, too.

    As for today's Sam, I love his ass cheek dimples, even if he is clenching his buttocks for all they're worth.


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