19 December 2016

The Witch Hunt

The media has widely reported how the incoming Trump administration has close ties to the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council (FRC). And now Tony Perkins, the FRC head, is calling for pro-LGBT personnel at the State Department to be "ferreted out" and replaced by anti-LGBT conservatives (link here).

Perkins' statement echoes demands made by Joseph McCarty in 1950 when he insisted people he painted as "communist sympathizers" be ferreted out of the State Department. His hysteria was later widened to include Hollywood and other industries during the infamous Red Scare.

Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has LGBT activists worried for other reasons (link here). He currently is CEO of Exxon, a company with a recent history of anti-LGBT practices and behaviors.

How the new Secretary of State responds on LGBT issues will be a critical early test of where the Trump Administration actually stands on such matters. Does it reveal that it is pro-LGBT, as Trump has claimed, or anti-LGBT, as most of Trump's appointees clearly are?

Our two lads featured today definitely have a pro-LGBT policy. In fact, that policy is so friendly it extends to sucking each other's cocks and buttfucking.

If the top looks familiar, he's been featured here before in two posts. The first (link here) had him naked and jacking off whilst the second (link here) featured him being sucked and bottoming.

The photos for today's set are larger than they appear below and total more than two hundred in number, plus some animated gifs. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

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