16 December 2016

The Power Behind the Throne

Several readers have written to me saying that the real danger in the new administration is Michael Pence, Donald Trump's Vice President, as opposed to the President-elect himself. How much control Pence will exert in the incoming administration may never be known, but they're correct that the Hoosier is hatefully and dangerously anti-LGBT.

Quite honestly, I think they're both highly dangerous but for different reasons, but I'll focus on Pence more today in this piece.

I've written before about how it was widely publicized that Trump offered at least one possible Vice President unprecedented power over both domestic and foreign affairs. It would be safe to assume Pence was offered the same sweetener.

The online magazine The Intercept published an excellent article last month (link here) with the title "Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. History." The piece details how Pence's extremist religious agenda is much more aggressive than anything seen before from a Republican administration.

Some pundits have wondered aloud if Republicans will quickly rid themselves of Trump through impeachment if he does anything particularly risky or careless, which would mean a President Pence as his replacement. Even if that does not happen, you can be sure that the 57-year-old Pence will certainly try to succeed Trump through election.

Now let's turn to something that would shock Pence (or maybe not, if you listen to some whispers about a closeted past) -- two hot men fucking. Featured today is muscular Alonso stuffing his big, thick uncut cock into willing Daniel, who sports a nice uncut cock of his own.

If these two lads look familiar, they've both been featured here on the blog before. Alonso appeared in September playing with his chocolate joystick (link here) and Daniel appeared last month whilst being fucked by another hung lad (link here).

The new photo set today features images larger than they're shown below and total nearly two hundred in number, including some animated shots. To download the complete collection with this new shoot of Alonso and Daniel, be sure to click here.

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