06 December 2016


Google the phrase "Trump voters regret voting for him" and you'll garner more than a million links from just the last month alone (link here) to a wide variety of interesting articles. Donald Trump promised he'd be the voice for ordinary Americans, but he's stocking his cabinet with ideologues and billionaires who have zero interest in non-plutocrats other than in ways they can be exploited.

Google the phrase "Trump has walked back his promises" and you'll pull in more than four million hits from within the last four weeks (link here). Trump has a long history as a huckster -- his scam Trump University, his shady real estate deals, his failed promises that resulted in six bankruptcies is proof of that -- so it's no surprise a lot of people now have buyer's regret.

The gay press is alert to the simple fact that you can't believe anything Trump says because he's a proven habitual liar; therefore, anything he has said or promised about LGBT rights can't be believed. This was obvious long before election day to those paying attention; Michelangelo Signorile wrote an observant piece about this back in June titled "Donald Trump Is Proving How Mortally Dangerous He Is to LGBT Equality" (link here).

Two other excellent articles since the election underscore this concern. First is a piece in The Huffington Post titled "Concerns About LGBT Rights During A Trump Presidency Are Justified" (link here). You should also see a piece in LGBTQ Nation titled "Why We Can’t Trust That Lying Liar Donald Trump on Marriage (or Anything)" (link here).

So let's move on to a hot-looking man. Featured today is Ash, who's very nicely put together. I always like a well groomed, strapping bloke with a beard and above-average muscles, so I would definitely take him home to keep if somebody left him in a box outside a supermarket.

He's worked in porn for a variety of gay studios in the last seven years -- topping, bottoming, sucking, getting sucked, and solos. He stands 6'2 and weighs 210 pounds. According to gossip sites, he's gay for pay, but when a lad busts a nut hands-free while getting fucked in the ass, how can he be entirely straight?

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with more than one hundred seventy-five images featuring Ash. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click right here.

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  1. The Donald will destroy himself . But in his case it just makes Hillarys quote proved out today and every day, " A man who can't be trusted with a tweet ...........


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