10 December 2016

The Russian Enigma

Just one article for your Saturday reading but a very important one. The Washington Post broke a story last night (link here) about how the Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that Russia directly intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump get elected.

While a lot of prior reportage investigated how Russians were involved in hacking to destabilize the US election process, this is the first time news has emerged that the Russians were directly helping Trump. With him due to take office in forty days, will he do anything to initiate an investigation of this? Will Congress?

Trump has long been openly pro-Russia and now it appears Russia was helping him get elected. What's going on here? Will there be a public outcry? Anything at all?

Given that Russian President Vladimir Putin is stridently anti-LGBT and Trump's administration is filling out with vehemently anti-LGBT zealots, this could be a very chilling development for LGBT rights and other minority rights worldwide.

This is huge and I hope some serious follow-up results. This cannot be brushed under the rug.

On that chilling note, let's turn to some porn. Our video feature today finds the very hot Darius Ferdynand interviewing for a job with the equally hot Paul Wagner. Paul needs an ruthless assistant with no ethics and also willing to fuck at the drop of a hat, and Darius turns out to be the perfect candidate in every possible way.

If you want to watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, you should click here.

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  1. Anonymous03:32

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