02 December 2016

The Record Speaks for Itself

I've received several emails from Donald Trump supporters who insist he's pro-LGBT. Two of them included a photo of Trump holding up a rainbow flag at a rally -- upside down.

The Huffington Post reported in detail on the flag incident (link here) in the final days of the campaign. In short, it was a clumsily staged photo op.

I think Trump's words, rather than a staged photo, show what he really thinks about LGBT rights. The Human Rights Campaign extensively documented his position on same sex marriage (link here). Their verdict was a big thumbs down.

The non-partisan PolitiFact also reported in detail that Trump is anti-marriage equality (link here). "Donald Trump has consistently opposed same-sex marriage in interviews since 2000," the piece notes.

Given that Trump has never appeared at any prominent pro-LGBT event, that he was not endorsed by any prominent LGBT rights organization, that he has repeatedly spoken out against LGBT rights while runing for President, that he selected one of the most harshly anti-LGBT politicians in the country as his Vice President, and that he will nominate a whole roster of stridently anti-LGBT people to the highest level of his administration, it's patently ludicrous to claim he's pro-LGBT.

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  1. Anonymous08:31

    At this point, to give any credence whatsoever to the idea that Trump or his administration might be pro (or even neutral to) LGBTQ rights is ludicrous. Perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Beetle Juice19:19

    Why on Earth would any Trump supporters waste their time and energy trying to convince you to believe ANYTHING positive about Donald Trump? Clearly they have never read your blog.


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