22 December 2016

Licensed Hate

National Public Radio broadcast a segment on Tuesday (link here) that's garnering attention in the LGBT and mainstream media.

Gay journalist Billy Manes commented on how LGBT people and their friends and family are feeling more anxiety since the November election. This comment from Manes is the one getting the most buzz: "There is so much licensed hate right now, and I'm hearing it more often than I've ever heard it in my life."

I know a lot of people who have said something similar to this. In the last two decades or so, the LGBT has made so many positive strides. And now we've hit a wall with Donald Trump's election and so much hateful rhetoric is pouring out of his supporters.

Yes, he held up a rainbow flag at a rally and he also said in his convention speech something about protecting LGBT people from terrorism, but he's surrounded himself with so many people who have openly hostile and downright hateful attitudes about LGBT people. He has an anti-LGBT cabinet and is pledging to sign anti-LGBT legislation, so the new administration will not be a net-positive for LGBT people, no matter what Trump says.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan had gay friends, but the Reagan Administration was a disaster for LGBT people and LGBT rights. Many people fear -- and I'm one of them -- that the Trump Administration will be much of the same. Trump may have LGBT friends, but his administration will be no friend of the LGBT community.

If you're LGBT -- and that's likely considering you're reading this blog -- you might want to consider moving to a LGBT friendly state if that's possible to cushion the impact of an anti-LGBT federal government. Mother Jones recently published a short article (link here) showing which states are LGBT-positive in their legislative outlook.

My adopted state of California is at the forefront of most progressive LGBT-friendly movements. Most LGBT people I know here started life someplace else, then moved here and are happier as a result.

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