10 November 2016

Darkness Descends

I am not hopeful today for the United States, my adopted nation. While Donald Trump has been all over the map about LGBT rights, his vice president and his party are stridently and hatefully anti-LGBT.

His presidency thus fills me with dread, and I know I'm not alone in this, based on what I've been reading online and hearing from friends. I fully expect his future Supreme Court nominees to vote to discard many hard-won LGBT rights in the coming years, most notably marriage rights. He did not win a mandate -- he actually lost the popular vote -- but I suspect he and his party will act like they did, as happened with George W. Bush.

I am not hopeful for the next few years, but history has some valuable lessons about how defeat can be turned into victory. Richard Nixon won big in 1972 but resigned in disgrace two years later. George Bush's win in 2000 likely helped pave the way for Barack Obama's election and re-election as a response. We end up taking more steps forward than backward with time.

I was sorely tempted to pull the plug on this blog this morning because I was so angry, but I thankfully resisted the temptation. I probably won't be providing my chatty little commentaries for a while, but I'll continue posting photo sets and videos.

Rather than put up seven or eight selections from the photoset featured today, because I'm too glum right now to do that, I'll just post a sample photo below. I encourage you to download and enjoy this cuddly uncut stud as a diversion from our unhappy political situation.

The photos in the set are larger than appear below and total nearly one hundred in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

And thanks people for being here. We need to stick together as we face this uncertain future.


  1. "Walk on, Walk on with hope in your heart, you'll never walk alone"

  2. I agree with you entirely although I find it hard to be as optimistic. This is a sad day for so many people.

  3. Thank you for not giving up on us, and for sharing your thoughts. We need each other more than ever.

  4. Anonymous10:31

    Thanks for not pulling the plug

  5. Anonymous11:44

    I sadly--and wholeheartedly--agree. But thank you for finding the wherewithal to post something both yesterday and today. GAM is one of the few (and dwindling) bright spots on the internets. If we're going to have a dick for a President, then we definitely need GAM for the dick of the best kind.

  6. I hear you brother.

  7. Anonymous04:50

    No nos dejemos apullar por la desesperanza en los momentos difĂ­ciles es donde podemos probar nuestra fortaleza,solo hay que permanecer de pie y no rendirnos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  8. I sadly agree with your outlook. I however found solace in taking part in the rallies and march that took place on Wednesday evening here in NYC. As of now there is not a specific purpose or mandate but to call attention to the minorities ( LGBTQ, Muslims, women and immigrants to name a few) and their precarious civil rights. There is also planned for this Saturday a much bigger rally and march starting at 12noon in Union Square Park then marching up Broadway to Trump Tower. (I'm sure many more across the country) Finally there is a petition to have the Electorate to change their vote (they CAN do that legally with just a small fine) from Trump to Clinton before the official Electorate vote in December.


    Thanks for the platform GAM


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