27 November 2016

Welcome to the Kleptocracy

This is why we don't trust Donald Trump: since election day, he has completely backtracked on many promises. During the campaign he said one thing on a topic, and now he's singing a perfectly different tune on a variety of issues.

New York magazine published an article a few days ago (link here) about how he once promised to put all his business interests in a blind trust so he could focus on running the presidency. Now that he's been elected, he's doing just the opposite -- spending more time using the power of President-elect status to promote his business. He's been on the phone with world leaders asking them to streamline approval of his international real estate projects.

So this is why he can't be trusted about LGBT issues -- he's fundamentally dishonest. Who knows what he means to do? And as I wrote here yesterday, his Vice President may really be making a lot of the decisions.

A lot of people use a different D word to descripe Trump: dictator. Given the Electoral College itself has not yet voted -- they do so in mid-December -- calling him a dictator is premature. But he has made a lot of dictator-like pronouncements and he's spoken admirably about heinous autocrats like Vladimir Putin. On this topic, the esteemed magazine Foreign Policy recently published an article titled "10 Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator" (link here).

Personally, I think the Trump Administration will be rampantly corrupt but not try to declare martial law. I hope I'm not proven wrong on that second point. It will be Tea Pot Dome and Iran-Contra all over again except many times worse. While individual liberties will be attacked for some people -- including LGBT people -- I don't think we'll have martial law and suspension of the constitution. Once again, I certainly hope I'm not proven wrong.

Needless to say, and as I've already articulated in several posts, I think LGBT people need to be wary and alert. Trump and Pence could pull the rug out from under us if we don't pay attention and be prepared to speak out when necessary.

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  1. Anonymous03:43

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  2. I hope people are listening to the truths you are telling. I think it is refreshing to get a dose of reality instead of mindless sycophants of the Great Orange Blob


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