08 August 2009

Rough Passion

This artistic collage is by a straight Russian woman named Ekaterina who specializes in homoerotic male photoraphs. This is a large image, so be sure to click to see full sized.

My boyfriend and I are hirsute. We each shave only every few days, so at any one time, we might both be smooth, or one is rough whilst the other smooth. On other days, we're both like porcupines. I love the feel of his beard on my body and, when we're apart for a few days, the bristle burn on my skin reminds me of his rough passion.


  1. Lucien07:07

    I love to have beard burn

  2. Laurent08:30

    Dynamite resolution, thank goodness, because I particularly favour the 2 portraits on the right. Outstanding - thanks!

    As for you, Lucien, I love teething extractions of whiskers -- so bear it in mind! :)


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