25 August 2009


I found these blokes in a folder I had created a long time ago that ended up in the wrong part of my hard drive, so I haven't seen these in quite a bit. I knew immediately why I saved them. They're all very impressive lads in a variety of ways, all big strapping fellows with commendable oaken arms and shoulders as well as flawless physiques.


  1. Anonymous20:10

    Great post! Thanks for sharing these men. Any idea who the guy in the shirt and pants is?

  2. SizingUp, unfortunately I don't know any of these lads' names.

  3. Laurent07:58

    The jocksome horn and superbutt in profile, the shirt coming off overhead, is one of the great classics, a fascinating and mildly humorous retreat to the vacant corner of the room. The picture draws one in instantly with the body and then one lingers in its other geometries.

  4. The last image is a classic horny god - ?

  5. Anonymous07:27

    OH WILL! is'nt the third one FranK Huf otherwise known as Boris. another Czech fucked by Novotny. Huf is this "pocket sized" stud with a gorgeous ass!


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