28 August 2009


Don't feel bad, I'd look too.

Have you ever checked out a guy, and he busted you doing this? That's how I met my boyfriend. I saw him in the gym and believed I was being discrete whilst looking him over; however, I didn't realize he could see me reflected in a large mirror.

He turned suddenly and glared at me, and I froze in my tracks like a complete git. He began walking toward me, and I was really afraid for a moment. He was not smiling, so I thought he was some straight bloke offended at being ogled. I thought, well, at least if I'm going to be pummeled, I picked a big hot one.

When he was right in front of me, he asked "do I know you?" in a deep, soft voice laced with an accent I could not place, one of the sexiest man I had ever heard. I babbled some absurd denial in reply, then he offered his hand and introduced himself. When I said my name and we shook, his handsome face broke into a broad smile. It's an image now etched forever on my heart.


  1. Chaz06:10

    He looks a lot like Dominic Purcell.

  2. What a great story! It happens to me frequently when I'm photographing guys out and about. I've found that in doing so, two things have truly helped me:

    1. Be honest about what you are doing, and why.

    2. Carry an ipod Touch with samples of your images, or if the budget is tight, carry a small 4x6 pocket photo album that shows your work. This legitimizes the pursuit!

    Cheers from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  3. What a great story!

  4. wow. so sweet. i wish i will meet someone in that very same way. =)

  5. Anonymous15:54


  6. I think the guy in the picture is James Thompson


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