05 July 2010

More Chris

Thanks to a reader who provided a link to more photos of this god. Chris appears to have done only one shoot. Why is this man not working every day showing off that fantastic body? I believes he's one of the hottest models I've ever seen. He's also the right size, at 6'2". My boyfriend thinks he might be Latvian, given his facial features and coloring.


  1. Paul07:09

    I want to suck on those nipples of his sooooo badly! Someone has got to convince this stud to do more photoshoots, please!

  2. RedCedar13:51

    Interesting speculation. I've only ever once met someone from Latvia and he was blond (much like many Scandinavians).

    Regardless of Chris' ethnicity, he is quite the hot model!

  3. Anonymous03:47

    Yeah I don't think he's Latvian either - they are overwhelmingly blonde.

    This guy looks much closer to (ex) Yugoslav, Greek, Italian....

  4. Bendiks from Riga04:57

    Red Cedar--- Latvians are not Scandinavians. Latvia is a Baltic state, borders to Russia, Lietuva, & Eesti. Yes he maybe from Latvia, some men dark some men blonde.

  5. Very HOT Man here. I woul dlove to play with him.

  6. Latvians are not overwhelmingly blonde. More are dark than light. I am from Беларусь (Belarus) a neighbor to Latvia. I have been to Latvia many many many times. I know many Latvian men and have many Latvian friends. I told Will it is my opinion this man Chris may be Latvian because his coloring, strait dark hair, blue eyes, sharp bones, general physical shaping: very typical Latvian features. He looks very much like my good friend from Latvia who is a doctor.

  7. Doesn't matter where he's from, he's freaking HOT!

  8. RedCedar16:54

    Oh, yeah, I know about the Latvians & Lithuanians being Baltic, not Nordic. I only meant that the I knew personally bore a resemblance (especially in hair color) to many Scandinavians. Having only met the one I honestly meant Leonty's observation was interesting to me. I wasn't challenging it as being wrong (for I'm in no place to evaluate that).


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