15 January 2011

Big Jeff

Jeff Stryker was probably the biggest male money-earner in the history of porn. Author Susan Faludi profiled him and several other male porn stars in a lengthy New Yorker article about fifteen years ago.

In the piece, she revealed Stryker owned a sprawling house on exclusive Mulholland Drive above Los Angeles and a 6,500-square-foot manse on three hundred acres in the Midwest. If you'd like a free copy of the entire article to read, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous06:32

    Yes boys, before tattoos, shaved heads, and piercings were all the rage, this is what porn stars looked like. To be a porn star you had to be spray tanned, clean shaven, and oiled down. Sometimes, I miss those days.

    By the way, I couldn't decide where the baritone voice was coming from. Apparently Barry White must have wondered onto the sound stage.


  2. Anonymous09:45

    Can anyone identify the handsome blond?

    He's hot!

  3. Anonymous22:51

    Susan Faludi, A Reporter at Large, “THE MONEY SHOT,” The New Yorker, October 30, 1995, p. 64

    It's 22 pages.

    Hollywood; Jammer, Cal; Men; Movies; Pornography; World Modeling Talent Agency

  4. Anonymous23:59

    I met Jeff Stryker about 20 years ago. He was extremely nice.....not a tall man, at all. But very nice.

  5. Anonymous18:11

    Stryker made a fortune because he understood his product which was not his dick. His dick is nice but it is not a monster. His dirty mouth and the fact that he never looked like a boy despite being tan waxed and cut to appeal to women. I mean can you imagine anyone ever shooting jizz on that hair of his. Really. He made money at a time when porn had no stars. He fucked women and men which made him marketable beyond gay. He put his cash into real estate and avoided over saturation of his persona even though we all know who he is and what his brand stands for. That is one smart guy. The Donald Trump of porn. Take if for a ride. Don't let it take you for a ride.


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