25 January 2011

Goodbye Jack

You've certainly heard by now that the great Jack LaLanne died a few days ago. Most of us knew him in his older years when he was peddling juicers on the telly. When he was a younger man, he was quite something to look at. He was not a tall man and measured in at 5'6" (exactly my height), so he was the original pocket stud.

Thankfully Jack posed for some naked photographs so his beauty will live forever. As always, most images are larger than they appear on the blog front page so click to see and save a better version.


  1. Anonymous10:26

    Striking photos from long ago; these are all new to me though. Both men were fine specimens. Question: That last photo - HOW did he get up there? - Montana Cowboy

  2. Anonymous11:52

    Truly beautiful physique Jack had and a real fitness pioneer.

    Great tribute to him Will.

    Spartan X

  3. Anonymous14:38

    Well, you learn something new everyday. Thanks, Will. I had no idea that Jack LaLanne posed starkers.

    He was a revolutionary. At a time when such things were far from mainstream, he took it all off and showed off the beauty of the male body. Bravo.

    This is all the more astonishing when you consider that Jack was a straight married man. Seemingly, he wasn't at all uptight about conventional boundaries--especially in posing with and touching another nude dude.

    Thanks again--


  4. you're kidding! he posed nude? Amazing!

  5. Anonymous22:15

    Anyone out there ever have it off with him? He always came across like it wasn't outside the range of possibility. Either that, or I just wanted to fuck him.

  6. Anonymous21:24

    Brought a tear to my eye. Remember watching him on TV as a kid and trying to do sit-up with him. Good for him for sharing his beautiful body!

  7. Old is Gold! Though the pics are old, guys are really hunky and sexy

  8. Anyone know who his partner was? He's quite the looker too.

  9. The partner is Jack Thomas.

  10. Anonymous04:18

    Never knew that Jack posed naked. Good for him. He had a great body worth showing off.


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