30 January 2011

Mind the Flying Cum

In the UK, one says "mind your head" instead of "watch your head." Similarly, "mind the gap," not "watch the gap." In this video, the warning might be "mind the flying cum."


  1. Anonymous08:59

    it really flies! :D

  2. Anonymous09:22

    That reminds me--I have to get my lawn sprinklers fixed.

    Wow! You weren't kidding. Is there a secret to getting your cum to fly like that? Most of the time, mine just dribbles out.


  3. Anonymous12:21

    Watched it again. Very hot! I loved the "sword fight" at the beginning of the video. Frotting rules!

    I was thinking, maybe their shot their cum high to take down some of those birds. Where were they fucking--an Aviary?


  4. Anonymous13:49

    Most of the time I just flow & dribble. Once-in-awhile when really going at it I shoot like crazy. These 2 guys are clearly way into the many moments. Damn fine to look at fer sher - thanx Will. A fucking turn on!

    - John

  5. Anonymous21:45

    Man, the big dude ate that ass pussy like a hungry beast! Hawt.

  6. First, Tommy Alvarez's dick has the right angle (45°) and second, it's a matter of the muscles who take part in pushing cum during ejaculation.
    Cumming like that is extremely hot. I 'm among the lucky ones.

  7. Anonymous00:35

    OMG, I LOVE that juicy spurting man-sausage! Especially when he gets a handy while getting that fine man hole worked over. Let that hot cum spurt out out in yummy jets!

  8. Anonymous14:04

    I love it when one guy jacks another to orgasm, and this guy's ejaculation is something to behold, that's for sure. I'll watch again and again.

  9. T.M.15:55

    This one is far one of my favotites !


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