28 January 2011


This picture tells so many stories and leaves us wondering how they all may have turned out. How did the money and clothes end up in bed with him? Is he an escort or was he joined by one? Or did he and his lover tumble into bed and rip off their clothes in a frenzy of anticipation?


  1. Hung08:59

    I'd love a full frontal but that ass is magnificent!

  2. Since the bills are only dollars, I don't think he's a hustler, but he does dance at a local club and comes home horny as hell every night. What a gorgeous ass. His boyfriend is very lucky.

  3. Anonymous11:06

    What's in his bed?--$2.00, maybe $3.00. I would pay more than that just to sniff his sheets when he's not home. If he is a paid escort, he is certainly low balling (pun intended) his value. Rise your price, Buddy. I know we're in a recession, but with an ass like yours, you are worth 100 times more than that.


  4. jeremy17:55

    The image isn't showing up for me.

  5. Jeremy... Image host was down for a few minutes. Try again and hit your F5 key to refresh your screen.

  6. Anonymous23:11

    what's his name... that "gay for pay" (supposedly) porn star now turned model?

  7. Anonymous17:08

    I immediately thought of a college student getting ready to do laundry.

  8. He's probably not an escort. Probably a dick dancer at a club. Either way it goes that is an awesome butt.


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