15 February 2013

Mainstream Naked

This is Benjamin Godfre, who is a legit fashion model. I normally wouldn't feature a lad of his sort here as he's a bit "twinky."

However, given he's a big-money model who's not afraid to show his cock, I think he warrants inclusion for that reason.

It seems, ever-so-slightly, mainstream models are increasingly doing the full monty, and I hope we see a lot more of that. The whole world knows a man has a dick, so what's the harm in showing it?


  1. Anonymous08:32

    This guy is a BIG MONEY MODEL ??? You must be kidding. He looks very average in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous08:39

    He may be a little twinkish ... but he's HOTTTT, all the same!

  3. Anonymous18:41

    He's got every good reason to show that piece of meat because it's meaty..nice..

    Matter of fact, I think he has some meat in all the right places, "Twinkie" as in no muscle, I don't think so. "Twinkie" as the snack you like to eat, is more like it.


  4. Anonymous19:23

    FYI-he's doing porn now and signed with Falcon.

  5. Anonymous07:51

    He WAS a main stream male model but no longer. He has gone into serious self promotion. He lives with a former sean cody porn star. And as another note from the previous commenter he has signed to do porn.

  6. Anonymous13:17

    Yeah - he's doing full on gay porn now.

  7. Anonymous13:24

    Ben and Shawn Wolf


  8. Anonymous04:03

    Something has changed with Benjamin Godfre's career. He WAS a legit fitness/fashion model for years - and I always thought he was pretty hot. But he recently began showing his cock - NOTHING wrong with that in the best of all possible worlds - but in this case I think it signaled a career problem.

    I've seem him in various fitness mags over the last few years and went to his personal web site in the last year. Hot as usual, except for some comments on video that turned me off politically. In this video he was on location in a city where an "Occupy" demo was taking place and he had some really negative comments to make about the protestors.

    He's a model, not a political commentator. I found his views a turn-off, you may not. This is America and he can say whatever he wants, but personally I no longer find him hot. I like my hot guys - if they spout politics - to be smart as well as beautiful.

  9. Anonymous19:32

    I agree with you, Anon 4:03. he has really changed a lot in the last year. I used to look at his web site every day. In the last year, he has become obsessed with smoking pot. Mind you, I'm not a prude, but when you partake in every video, and almost every pic you post has you smoking it, or it's in the pic, you've gone off the rails. You can totally tell when he does his vids if he is stoned. His eyes are unfocused, and he's slurring his words.
    He's also obsessed with the French inhale, and he posts tons of pics of him doing this. I mean, one or two, ok, but I'm so over it.
    He has such a rockin bod, but he has started to slowly get tattoo creep. I really like tats when they mean something and are thoughtfully placed, but these are sorta random and generic.
    I hate to totally go off on the guy, because I still love him, and think he's hot, but I just don't like the road he's on.
    I remember once, he said in one of his vids that he used to be a fitness model, but he can't do that anymore cuz he smokes too much! I guess he'd rather smoke and do pornos...


  10. Anonymous06:08

    These are great shot of Godfre at his best. He's gone downhill very quickly. His body looks neglected and marked up with amateurish tattoos Then when he speaks, the stupidity that comes out of his mouth is disturbing. Godfre has that annoying sound of a stoner who is constantly talking but has nothing to say.

    We've all see this before. It's not a good path he's taking. I hope he pulls it together soon.

  11. Scott18:18

    Godfre was blessed with a great natural body, but it seems as though he's heading downhill. The tatts and the obsession with pot are disappointing.


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