03 February 2013

Water Sports

The first video here does not have water sports and instead features the always hot Sammy Colt flip-flopping. The second video is very hot with a great cum shot on Ben's face and also has water sports.

If you're not into that, you have been warned. And if you don't know what water sports are, we ain't talkin' about water polo and water skiing. Here is a definition.


  1. Anonymous11:34

    WOW !! the W-S vid is one of the hottest I ever saw in my life !! Really AWESOME !!

  2. the WS one is very hot, partix at the part he's getting fucked in the ass and he's pissing himself at the same time

  3. I little piss never hurt anyone--especially when you are playing around in the tub. But having your head dunk in the toilet--that's where I would have to draw the line.

    Can you imagine the look on their housekeeper's face when she was sent in to clean the bathroom?

    Leo G.


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