19 February 2013

Who Is He?

Does anyone have a name for him? He looks familiar. I want to find more pictures of him to post. I asked my boyfriend who knows a lot of fitness models but he did not know. Google image search doesn't help, because it only finds more of the same picture.

It goes without saying he has a very hot body. Those big powerful shoulders, thick arms, and small waist are catnip for me. If he wants to rob a bank and needs a wheel man, I'll be putty in his hands.


  1. Anonymous07:15

    Pretty damn gorgeous.

  2. his facebook

    yea hes hot and his girlfriend is not cute sadly..

  3. I think that's William Price

  4. Anonymous20:28

    His name is Justin Woods, and he's been photographed by Rick Day, among others (though I'm not sure if the photo you posted is by Mr. Day).

    Happy hunting....

  5. He's Brian Freeman and yes,he's hotter than lava. You can find the model/personal trainer on Instagram for some more pics.

  6. BrianB19:38

    Damn! And I was going to start a rumour he was Mike Bettis from the Weather Channel! Except of course for all the muscles...


  7. I hate to say it, but the picture seems a little morphed (photo shopped). Although it would be nice to know that such a creature actually does exist on the same planet as I.

    Leo G.

  8. Ron G.08:10

    The debate looks settled, but I thought it was Oscar Pistorius, the South African "blade runner." Exactly where do his legs end?

  9. Anonymous12:05

    Brian Freeman by Photographer Rick Day.


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