06 February 2013

Midweek Matinee

Back in my college days, where you had to enjoy your smut in a porn theater, I usually would go to the afternoon matinees because they were less crowded then. Whether it was a straight or gay theater, you would always see a few blokes whip it out and wank right there in the seats.

Usually they were younger blokes but occasionally they would be businessmen, nicely dressed in a suit and tie. I used to wonder what would happen if they got back to their offices with some inadvertent tell-tale signs of where they had been. Mr. Watkins cancelled his four-thirty and, oh, looks like you have some cum there on your trousers. Shall I get a warm cloth for you to clean it off?

Here are three vids that someone just posted on Xvideos in the last day or two. The first features the ever popular Patrick taking matters into his own hand. Maybe he's thinking about the two hot blokes in the second feature doing the squat fuck. Or maybe he's all hot and bothered about Bo and John in the third video getting their freak on.

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  1. Anonymous08:57

    there was something irresistibly hot and sleazy about those porn theatres! I used to love them ... but now, with the Internet around, most of 'em are gone.


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