02 February 2013

Self-Love Film Fest

I may be short of stature but I am blessed with an almost supernatural sense of hearing. I usually can hear whispered conversations on the other side of the room when no one else can.

Recently I overheard a whispered conversation between two hot looking young blokes in their early to mid-twenties. They were commiserating about breaking up with their girlfriends and now not getting any sex because of unemployment and tight budgets that prevent dating.

The conversation then turned to masturbation. The two lads shamelessly discussed how their distressed financial situations were only making them more horny, so they watch internet porn and jack off. They apparently don't do this together but they lamented about how sad their love lives were because they were dating their right hands.

Even without hearing that conversation, whenever I see a hot young man out and about in public, I wonder if he masturbates, how often he does so, what his techniques might be, if he jerks off even if he's also getting laid.

Here are four prime specimens who are taking matters into their own hands. The first two are paid gigs whilst the second two appear to be volunteer efforts. And, just like they say on game shows, you can play along at home if you wish.

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  1. There's no question about it...the last guy was perfection.


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