12 October 2012

Not-So-Subtle Homoeroticism

This is enough to make me reconsider all the lads who went out for wrestling in high school. I used to think they wanted to prove their athletic and physical prowess. But now I'm wondering if some of them had other ideas. Perhaps this explains why they always eagerly looked forward to practice and couldn't wait for the school day to end.


  1. Anonymous19:30

    That pic is beyond words...

  2. Well I've always thought wrestling was a "closeted" sport allowing men/boys to have physical contact, dominance struggle. With all that groping, sliding, sweating, man smell...who could avoid getting aroused. Actually hails back to ancient Greece and Rome where sexual relations were expected throughout life between men in the former. In Rome, older men had their "boys" until about 16...then on to another younger one in need of male "guidance".

  3. Always thought wrestling was a veiled excuse for male body contact allowing a very physical relationship. Hails to ancient Greece where it occurred between older and younger men indefinitely. In Rome, the younger man had a sexual relationship until about 16-18 when he became an adult and chose his own prodigy for guidance, relationship. Besides with all that male body contact...erotic plus the smell, sweat, friction, who could help but get aroused and probably get off...just another sweaty "wetspot".


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