11 October 2012

Gruff Stuff

There's something about Samuel Colt I find very alluring. He has this whole surly, gruff attitude that's like catnip for me. He's 5'7" and 210 pounds, so that definitely makes him a "pocked stud."

He usually tops in porn films but occasionally bottoms. I've read gossip that he prefers to be a bottom in his private life. I could definitely see him on my bed naked, shackled, and with a dirty jockstrap stuffed in his mouth.


  1. Samuel Colt - imo - is one of those men who will be even hotter as he ages.

  2. Anonymous10:44

    Sam Colt's so hot! He gets better the older he gets!

  3. Anonymous10:37

    Love him but why the photo shopped cock in #2?

    1. Sean, it's not. The key lighting makes it look that way.


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