07 October 2012

Men in Stockings

This was made back when Phillip and Spencer were lovers and didn't have restraining orders against each other. I never thought of stocking as particularly erotic for men, but the sex here is hot.


  1. Anonymous10:52

    I agree--the video was very hot. But personally, I never understood the attraction in fucking a guy wearing girl's underwear. If you want a girl that badly, get yourself a girl. I'll take a dude wearing men's boxers or briefs any day. The pantyhose is a turnoff for me. I like my men manly.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    FYI. Last week I was not able to bring up any of your video posts. Dont know why BUT today, this week, they are now showing up again. Whatever you did is working on my behalf again. Thanks.


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