25 October 2012

Corn Fed

This lad is not model hot but he reminds me of some blokes from my high school years in the American Midwest. He's supposedly from Kansas, stands six-foot-one, and weights 205 pounds.

Those tatts might strike some as undesirable, but if you strip a blue collar man down to his skin, you're likely to find this sort of thing. Besides, when he's on all fours on your bed whilst you pound him doggystyle, are you really going to notice that ink?


  1. I would tell him to keep his shirt on as clothes sometimes adds to sex and turn down the lights so his arm does not make me dizzy and yeh! Fuck him doggie style is best!

  2. Anonymous16:11

    Oh I would love to lick his corn hole.. that's a mighty fine looking man butt.

  3. Anonymous15:14

    I want to bury my nose in that musky hairy hole.



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