04 October 2012

Screaming Bloody Murder

This picture is both amusing and highly erotic. A hapless bloke is getting fucked within an inch of his life at an open window for all in the street to see.

The dominant top doesn't give a shit if the lad is disgraced in front of the whole neighborhood because of this -- his devilish grin tells us that. He takes what he needs, and the kid just has to go along for the ride. Hold still, bitch.


  1. Anonymous06:08

    great look on the bottoms face too.

  2. Anonymous07:24

    i find this photo to be a real turn on. totally got rock hard, just looking at that twink being ridden by that leather top. being seen by all the boys in the neighborhood is just good advertising. now when he puts on his tight preppy clothing to go to work/school he will be seen as prey. he can invite rapists in to fuck him and enjoy that cum running down his thigh. beautiful!!!

  3. Trevor L12:18

    check out the size of the cock on the bottom as well...

  4. Anonymous12:39

    Is that Folsom? Hmm,looks like that "kids" dick is so huge. Perhaps it is he, who should be doing the fucking..

  5. Anonymous10:58

    Are you kidding me? The little bitch loves every inch that is going inside him, and btw he's the one that could care less if anyone see's or hears him.


  6. Eddie14:16

    Noah has been fucked by every good dick in Texas - I for one know its tight and slippery - he only likes bottoming

  7. i know where this apt. is - on 18th & Castro, above and and a bit to the left of Harvey's :)


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