29 May 2012

Big Shiny Boots

Boot fetishism is a subset of leather fetishism. Some blokes are really into one or the other or both. They like to wear their fetish and/or are into lads wearing leather or boots.

Some men definitely look hot in big shiny boots but others look rather silly, in my opinion. You can either carry it off or you can't. Shorter lads frequently seem like they're trying to appear bigger or tougher by wearing boots and leather, but the look often fails. A big lad like Erik here can pull off the leather look with no problem -- no one would ever accuse him of being a ponce.

I've included a "behind the scenes" shot at the end of this sequence. If you look closely at the tattooed bloke with the tan shorts, you'll see he has a wet spot in front. Somebody likes to watch! Click any or all pictures to see them full sized.


  1. last pic was funny

  2. that last pic is quite an ... eye opener (?) ... certainly a sobering reminder that porn is forst and foremost HARD work, for to keep focussed, to stay horny and hard while having to followe directions and having the grip and other staff hanging about, requires not a little skill. Porn sure ain't for amateurs. You better be a die-hard exhibitionist and horny round-the-clock - otherwise, no dice!!!

  3. Anonymous04:29

    I wish it was Rhodes tied on his knees and then ganged

  4. Anonymous20:53


  5. Guys always barefoot in boots


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