18 May 2012

The Jumpsuit

I had some furniture delivered recently, and the deliveryman was a hot-looking scruffy lad with a very nice physique. I could tell he had nothing on underneath his jumpsuit because he was visibly freeballing. He had a nicely furry chest, easily seen because he had the zipper down almost to his navel.

I think he was uncut, too, but I couldn't quite tell. He was one of those men who stood a little closer than social conventions dictate so I couldn't sneak too many peeks at his crotch. I wonder what he would've done if I pulled his zipper all the way down to have a look at his junk?


  1. You have to wonder why they are dressed like that! Next time scratch your balls a few times to see if you get a reaction!

  2. What a delivery!

  3. When I was a much hotter, younger man, I owned a pair of bibbed overalls. I used to wear them with nothing underneath. It felt great! I used to poke my dick through my fly,stare at myself in the mirror, and start yanking. I should have taken a picture.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous01:19

    wowww, that's HOT!!! one hot chap there, wearing the jumpsuit (or as we call it: overall)!!!


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