12 May 2012

The Cage

I believe Edu and Manu are no longer a couple. This video was obviously made when they were still very much in love.


  1. Anonymous08:05

    Who is Enu and Nanu? Never heard of them. Whoever shot this film didnt do a very good job. . . the shots are wayyy too close to even make out anything . . and the film is overly dark lit. . . together its not a very well shot piece of film. You dont actually see any of the guys bodies until towards the end of the piece and then it only shows a partial shot. Maybe the entire vid shows more but this piece . . . doesnt show much at all and Id have to rate it a low score on the video meter.

  2. Anonymous01:07

    they're both incredibly hot ... but yes, I've also heard that they've split. Shame, though, they looked perfect together.

  3. What a shame that Edu and Manu are no longer a couple - they were hot together. Thanks for this clip, I found it highly erotic and atmospheric. Love the nipple twisting!

  4. Anonymous07:12

    LOL, I thought this was great - difference of opinion - I liked that it was dark and moody - most porn seems like it's lit with klieg lights which eliminate any shadow or sense of place - I like the cage, with made it a bit unusual - I like that the two guys are believably really into each other (how could you not be into Edu Boxer) as opposed to 'gay for pay', or whatever - yawn - I like that the action moves right along so you don't feel you are watching an aerobics class or two guys sawing down a tree -

  5. Anonymous06:24

    Agree totally with the last post. . . . this is a very erotic piece of film making that really focuses on the relationship between the two men and howthat places out in each and every act of arousal. . . the dark, shadowly shoots add an air of mystery and kick my sexual imagination inot high gear. Seeing everything isn't always the hotest, at least for me.

    And there'sa combination of male tenderness and ballsy horniness that I canonly describe as deep sex. Got any lie this of these two?



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