13 May 2012

Monster Meat

Presumably the thick-cocked bloke getting sucked is straight because he's watching straight porn through much of this video. I love how his cock jerks involuntarily around 8:10 when he cums again.


  1. Anonymous06:32

    the machofuckers vids areso HOT

  2. Anonymous09:10

    Now thats a MONSTER MEAT for sure... Id like to run into that guy! WOOF. I never understood why some guys have that two colored kind of a cock. . it almost looks like there is an extension to their cock. Any reasons for that ???

  3. I don't think many straight men have their pubes manscaped to within an inch of their lives. Hot vid, though

  4. Anonymous04:28

    2 colored cock? Not sure but it think it has to do with the foreskin (which is removed) being a darker color than the cockhead and shaft it covered. And some guys color contract contrast of hood and head is just more than others.


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