26 May 2012

Flightsuit Hookup

In light of my recent post about jumpsuits, I happened to stumble on this video. Unfortunately the director doesn't tease the audience -- Paolo gets the zipper down much too quickly IMHO. He could've really teased Max by making him beg for it before pulling it all the way down to reveal what he's packing. Or he could've had Max pull down the zipper with his teeth.


  1. Anonymous15:55

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  2. Anonymous01:17

    hot guys, hot uniforms ... (though I'm not sure I'd have chosen a pink dildo ... LOL).

  3. berlinboy00:24

    Max Grand must be my all time favourite porn actor, so versatile and even sexier because of that...wonder what he´s doing nowadays...thx as always for the post

  4. Anonymous23:17

    really exciting, thanks for all your great videos.


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