29 May 2020

The Psychopath

Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump's ghostwriter on The Art of the Deal, published a detailed essay yesterday (link here) with the title "The Psychopath in Chief." In it, he argues that Trump is a classic psychopath (note that word is widely considered by mental health professionals to mean the same as sociopath).

Consider the following from the piece: "The trait that most distinguishes psychopaths is the utter absence of conscience — the capacity to lie, cheat, steal and inflict pain to achieve his ends without a scintilla of guilt or shame, as Trump so demonstrably does. What Trump’s words and behavior make clear is that he feels no more guilt about hurting others than a lion does about killing a giraffe."

Arguably, most autocrats or wannabe autocrats, the latter which includes Trump, are classic psychopaths. It's nearly impossible to be a dictator if you're not. And they're highly manipulative, too, which Trump is.

Not surprising, serial criminals are also psychopaths. Serial killers, serial rapists, or in Trump's case, serial con artists.

Schwartz eloquently says what many close Trump observers have said for years if not decades. His behavior as President has made what is obvious so much clearer.

It's baffling, therefore, that while so many people can see this, so many cannot. They blindly follow Trump without question. They ignore reason and logic and facts by continuing to support him.

If Trump were just a loudmouth on TV, as he was when he appeared on his reality TV show, then it would not matter. But he's now President. And he wants to keep on being President. We cannot afford to keep a man who is clearly mentally disturbed in the Oval Office.

For our own sanity and the sanity of this nation, he must be expelled from office in this year's election. Commit to doing your part to make that happen.

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