04 April 2009

Celebrating Caleb

Caleb is a 25-year-old ironworker from the Midwest who has done some fitness and beefcake modeling on the side. I couldn't find out too much about him except he probably is straight, based on the female-to-male ratio on his social networking site.

I like that he looks like he does because of hard work. I think a man who builds his body through real labor has an extra edge over the guys who spend all their time shuffling paper and then hitting the gym.


  1. Lucien08:04

    Gorgeous - strait or gay he is LOVELY to look at and think about touching

  2. Anonymous14:59

    If he's straight, let me "bend" him.

  3. Heaven is missing an angel -

  4. The camera has always loved Caleb - His bio makes him Superman :) -


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