22 April 2009

Servicing a Hardhat

These are promo stills for a porno site called NewYorkStraightMen.com so you know it's all a bogus setup. The conceit is that big bloke is supposed to be straight, and he's come into be serviced because he needs a blowjob. He's willing to let a gay guy help him out because he's so horny.

Most porn leaves me indifferent, but I found this engaging. Of course, I like the look of the big fellow, his surly neanderthal look of entitlement. His look seems to be saying, "hey man I deserve to be worshiped."


  1. I totaly agree with you about the big guy. He is indeed a hot number.

  2. Anonymous18:27

    The guy lich the creamy peanut butter on the ass of the other guy.

  3. I agree with you that the big guy is vey hot.. but I don't get that sense of entitlement that you interpret.. instead, what fuels my brain about this scene is that the straight guy is horny and desperate to get off, but not sure about getting anything from another guy, but as he gets into it, all is fears melt away and he's left with just the raw need to get off.... works for me!!

  4. Whatever floats your boat John!


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