26 April 2009

Wait a Few Years

As I grow older, I find my taste in men has changed. Once I favored young jock types in their twenties, probably because I was a young bloke in my twenties at the time. Now I tend to prefer men over those whom I see as boys. Guys in their twenties often seem silly and frivolous to me now. They lack the grounded maturity and wisdom of men in their thirties and forties.

Now the guy pictured below would not be tossed out of my bed for eating crackers. But he's still a little too much boy and not enough man for me. I see a bloke like this and I immediately imagine what he'll look like in ten years (hopefully he'll still be in excellent shape). In eight or ten years he could be staggeringly hot.

As you grow older, you start attending reunions. When you do, you see a vivid picture of how guys age. Ten or twenty years can be very unkind. The hot college athlete you once longed for is now a balding dumpling with a bad comb over. But sometimes the nerdy geek you barely noticed back then is now a ripped, chiseled stud, thanks to a successful career that allowed him to pay for private trainers. At the reunion, no one pays any attention to the faded golden boy. All eyes are on the latebloomer.

It's not how you start the race. It's how -- and if -- you finish.


  1. Anonymous14:45

    Not only is he handsome, he has an
    engaging and warm smile.

    A genuine smile slays me.

  2. Lucien19:16

    lets see him in a tiny posing thong too- its the lats that slay me on this young colt

  3. Very nice! I may use him in my Friday Fantasy series.

  4. Anonymous22:03

    I don't now his look seems to be one that might appreciate an older companion than someone of his generation

  5. Anonymous17:26

    he's got an impressively wide chest (pic #3)


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