01 September 2012

The Gladiators

Both of these big hot studs are now retired from porn. Tom found religion whilst Billy is still massively popular in Asia and tours there frequently.

Supposedly this was the first time Billy was topped on screen. Arguably, for both of them, this was one of their most memorable porn appearances.


  1. I owned this on VHS years ago...totally forgot about it!

  2. Anonymous12:08

    Tom Katt. . .what a piece of work that guy is... . I met this guy before he ever did anything in porn . . . I met him at a restaurant in LA where his first porn studio boss took him when he first landed in LA .. and I had already done work and was and still am stunning. . . yet this little 5 foot tall and HAIRY creep thought he was so much better that night I was introduced to him by the porn studio boss that I knew.. yeah, Mr Katt thought he was already a star and above everyone else.. His attitude stunk then and it continued to STINK. This guy has issues. . he keeps bouncing back and forth between PORN and the CHURCH. . .now I ask you . . .How long is GOD going to put up with that before he finally decides that poor Tom has finally played out his options. . I dont like this guy and I never will. . I only feel sorry for him. Short hairy runt with attitude. GEEZ ... . the worse. It takes a whole day to shave him down Im sure.. and that ass. .. geez. . looks like a forest is growing on that thing.

  3. Anonymous02:14

    this video is ALL I love about porn!!!

    - TWO SUPER-hot studs

    - fantasy (e.g. story/ plot)

    - costumes (corny YES - but HOT to me!!)

    - great action

    Fantastic video!!!

  4. Anonymous02:34

    Utterly utterly awesome, in every way! (Gay) porn in a way it's all too rarely done any more! Truly hot!

  5. Anonymous19:17

    Hot hot men and action!

  6. Anonymous20:10

    At the time of his performances I never much cared for Tom Katt anyway...he came off as 'phoney' somehow. Guess I was right...some uptight closet case (even though he sucked cock fucked and got fucked on camera!) who now has 'Found Jesus'. I have no time for such conversions anyway. Trade one obsession for another. then he goes back into porn! Meh...


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