15 September 2012

A Good Time

I wonder if Rafael is as expensive as the stack of money here suggests. What a charmed life he leads -- he gets paid, gets laid, and deepthroated to boot.


  1. With those cocksucking skills and flexibility, the client could be an escort in his own right! Hot clip - loved the varied positions. It would have been nice to see Rafael suck the client's cock though.

    1. Anonymous22:00

      Oh, you didn't last that long?

      Neither did I, but I kept watching for the sheer virtuosity of it.

  2. That pile of cash looked to be about $500. I'd say it was money well spent and money well earned.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    That was " Awesome " loved every second, Minute and wish it was my cock he was " deep-throat" and that fucking was the best that I ever seen, Tom Hakim 32 of Palm Springs, Ca. U. S. A.

  4. Anonymous09:34

    F AA V O L O S I........


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