05 September 2012


This video is hot for many reasons. I really like how they're both completely versatile.


  1. Anonymous08:59

    Greatdd. the guy with the beard is a great stud fucker, he can have me any time,, all the time

  2. Anonymous09:25

    I agree! Versatility is a rare virtue, indeed!

  3. Anonymous11:51

    One of my all time favorites!

  4. Anonymous11:38

    The blonde fellow is Brad Patton. His "claim to fame" is his voluminous uncut, recurved cock and the fact that his nuts often pull up really high and tight on either side of his cock when he comes. I don't know who the sexy bearded guy is, but he doesn't look like he's having a very good time when he's getting fucked by Brad.

  5. Anonymous16:35

    Totally fucking hot! I'd take on the muscle daddy anytime as well as the "barely legal" stud! One mouth - two dicks - 3x cumshots = anyone's sizzling night! What's the name of this movie? I would love to buy it, watch it and jack to my heart's content! And that is so true: Versatility is very rare and very erotic!

  6. Anonymous15:02

    Brad Patton is the blond and his "daddy" is the porn legend Tom Chase. This clip is from a Colt release in the Couples line of titles. I think it is #3 but unsure. Keep in mind... both guys have enormous thick cocks so it is one of the best flip/flop scenes on film if you are size queen.

  7. One of the best you've shared

  8. Anonymous11:50

    does any one know the name of this classic dad and son fuck each other video ?


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