24 September 2012

Humped by an Angel

The plot to an erotic thriller popped into my head when I saw this picture. A handsome young conservative politician thinks he's blessed when an impish guardian angel appears in his life. As he grows closer to his new divine friend, the homophobic politician begins confiding in friends about his divine acquaintence and the miracles he's seen him perform.

The politician doesn't know, however, that the angel has fallen in love with him and is determined to change his beliefs. The politician is horrified when he awakens one night and finds the hunky angel lying naked beside him, jacking him off and rubbing his own hard cock against him.

The politician is in a panic: as his first big election approaches, he has a gay angel in love with him who won't leave him alone. With time, however, the politician begins to reject his own homophobia when he realizes he's physically attracted to his divine companion. On the day he's sworn into office with his new companion beside him, he suddenly announces his conversion to the other party, breaking a Congressional tie.


  1. Anonymous07:10

    So when are you going to identify this "politician?"

  2. super-hot guy here, with a cock to die for!

  3. Anonymous18:27

    Wow! A 'divine' slacker with a 'heavenly'
    schlong....that could definitely make me
    'ecstatic'...really fulfill my fantasies... (far from 'angelic'-of course!!)
    Though I surely enjoy your version... Thanks for sharing....

  4. Anonymous12:41

    This fellow looks like he's hardly an angel. I wonder if he'd be more appealing if he lost the dorky shades and backward ball cap.


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