14 September 2012

Fit to Be Tied

This is exactly where I'd want Patrick -- bound and helpless and ready to be used. Poor thing, he's so horny he's humping the steel table. These are quite large photos, so be sure to click so you can see him in all his sweaty and squirming glory.


  1. I bet being tied up like that makes his dick steel rock hard!

  2. Anonymous10:22

    Paddy's sensational!

  3. Anonymous01:04

    I want to watch him gang banged by 10 horny huge black body builders !

  4. Looks hot...he's a great specimen of manhood

  5. Anonymous22:08

    Oh-h-h! That Mr. Paddy O' is such a fine and
    manly 'bloke'--like that old adage about even reading the phone book they can impress...
    This man could do almost anything (to me)--
    and I'd be bowled over...


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