20 September 2012

What Are They Doing?

I love subliminal erotica like this. If you have a clean mind, you would have no idea what they're doing. Looking for a lost contact lens?

But if you have a dirty mind -- like all of us here -- you know exactly what's going on. Slurp, slurp, oh yes, that's so good, slurp, slurp...

Hidden in plain sight.


  1. Anonymous07:16

    I've helped look for a contact lens several times. However, I never had my hand on a guy's ass while doing so.

  2. Anonymous16:01

    Now that's what I call a beefy man with a beefy butt, man do I wish I was giving him head, hopefully on his equally thick cock


  3. I have to disagree...even those with clean minds would know what's going on. And that's okay!!!

  4. Anonymous12:53

    Hell, I hope there is something up that beautiful butt, any excuse to part those beefy cheeks and get my tongue up there.


  5. Anonymous16:58

    seeing only the back side of the guy, and his tilted forward, these feel so sexy to me. i could wank all day looking at this picture

  6. Anonymous18:30

    You kidding me, that lad knows exactly what he was looking for, and he found it.. Prime cut Grade AAA pure beef.

    Meat and a little milk build a body well.

  7. Anonymous17:16

    I believe he found the dudes Golden McNuggets, ah some guys have all the lick, oops luck!!


  8. Anonymous21:55

    Goodness! The other fellow's awfully close...
    Hope it's not too 'hard' to find what he's looking
    for between those massive thighs...well...he
    could always check 'round back....


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